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Transformational Change

Transformational change and change management strategies are coupled themes of social technology requiring masterful planning and implementation, and cannot be constructed through the filtered lens of the past to be affective.  Emerging complexity in organizations involves disruptive patterns of innovation and change in situations in which the future cannot be predicted and addressed by the patterns of the past.  Old and limiting patterns of judgment and thought restrict the leader from suspending judgment to observe with fresh eyes.  Cynicism closes the door to possible opportunities and innovation restricting leaders from considering new ways to achieve vision and goals, and fear of letting go of the familiar contains the leader into a box that is impenetrable from outside sources and influence. 

Barriers restricting leaders from experiencing deeper levels of consciousness toward organization development are judgment, cynicism, and fear.  Judgment preserves the status quo by resisting change and preferring patterns of the past.  Cynicism disconnects from possible new solutions resulting in continuing judgments, and fear prevents the leader from releasing old method to adopt new ones.  CARE INC. is at a crossroads in which change is certain, but the course and degree of future transformation have yet to be formulated through vision.  We are stretched in every direction having experienced a sense of joy from success, yet we are compelled to push further into the realm of endless possibilities. We acknowledge that networking, collaboration, and cooperation toward key goals are essential to our future, yet we are compelled to dig a little deeper in which we may gain comprehension of our future path.  Although the needs are many, which need, issue, or challenge are we to passionately pursue, what the purpose of God for our organization is, and which direction should we progress. I believe we will concede to a common goal that will create transformational change not only in our lives, but in the lives we may touch through love and compassion.

Dr. Tim Hampton

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