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About Us

CARE INC is a civic nonprofit organizaiton who serves the leaders of local government, faith, nonprofit and business communities by providing a safe place for discussion, implementation, action and service that brings solutions to the needs of people.  

Through CARE INC municipal leaders are coming down from their political castles...Leaders of faith are coming out of their religious silos...Leaders in business and nonprofits are seeing the value in one another...People helping people and showing their faith through service.

CARE INC has a new and timely vision that promises to initiate and develop programs to educate and empower people to respect and value the intent of our Founding Fathers to establish one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.

CARE INC establishes relationships with leaders to support the delivery of services to communities. Elected leaders identify the areas of improvement needed among their constituencies and partner with CARE INC to bring positive change.

CARE INC coordinates Community Groups to organize volunteers to work with the passion of elected leaders and the For Our City focus, for improved human services delivery.

CARE INC training programs prepare individuals to participate in their area of interest. Volunteerism, Emergency Preparedness, Education, Mentoring and Servant Leadership are some of the results.

CARE INC provides self sustainable structure that strengthen existing organizations and initiate new programs for multiple generations.  

“People Helping People” expresses our commitment to all the people of our country.  We are, with the volunteers who serve, dedicated to help people help people through our individual effort as a personal expression of freedom, faith and human responsibility.”  

Meet our Founders: Jon & Kim McHatton

Thank you for your faithful support, care and love for the mission and vision of CARE INC.  Our main focus is that CARE INC continues to move forward and fulfills its design and mission to shift society’s leadership culture from competition to compassion, as it has the last 8 years. 

The next 8 years are looking to be more significant as CARE INC continues to grow its For Our City directed by Kevin Hartke and facilitated in each municipality by a director and host committee, with the blessing of the Mayor.

The East Valley Mayors Prayer Breakfast has become an annual highlight of the year.  Tempe, Gilbert, Scottsdale and Mesa have hosted this very popular and powerful event.

The 100 Hours of Service program is also gaining momentum with For Our City Chandler leading the way. We anticipate both Meas and Gilbert initiating this celebratory program soon.

It is very exciting and rewarding to see what wonderful things happen when you give an opportunity to collaborate for the greatest good through compassion.  Together, we will continue to make a difference! 

Jon & Kim

Kim serves as the Vice President of CARE INC and Jon will continue in an advisory roll and volunteering in the For Our City service opportunities.

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