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April 24, 2016

"Let's Pull Together" 2016

Let's Pull


The City's "Let's Pull Together" program kicked off today! During the month of April, volunteers are removing weeds from public areas and from the yards of the elderly or disabled. Special thanks to Councilmember Kevin Hartke and For Our City Chandler,






March 25, 2016

Stronger Partnerships, Stronger Communities - EVMPB 2016

EVMPB-2016What a wonderful morning we experienced together last March at the Coyote Center on the campus of Chandler Gilbert Community College, hosted by Mayor Tibshraeny. We heard inspirational messages, heartfelt prayers and honored Roc and JonRoc Arnett for his lifetime of faith in service. Many have shared that “it was the best one yet!” A signature element of the Prayer Breakfast is the common dialogue among the guests, lovingly referred to as “Table Talk.” In 10 minutes we garnered approximately 600 data inputs from over 400 community leaders representing over 14 municipalities.


The three questions during Table Talk were designed to identify existing local and regional collaborations as well as potential needed initiatives. The good news is that there is some partnership existing in at least one of the communities addressing every one of the needed initiatives. The most mentioned; collaborating resources regionally for Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Elderly Care, and Mentoring.  It was inspiring to hear Mayors and community leaders express their desire to assist other municipalities and like organizations.











January 28, 2016

Celebrating 3 years of Chandler I-HELP!

Celebrating 3 years of Chandler I-HELP! On January 28, 2016, the Chandler I-HELP partners received the success report of 2015, summarized by Bill Rotondo: 

6,759 bed nights were provided in 2015
307 individuals were served and entered case management
152 found employment (80 people in the last four months!)
93 obtained housing

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